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State Weeks

Hot Spring Village_ETGTROONThe Hot Springs Village State Weeks promotion allows guests from across the country to play at reduced rates when booking a tee time during their state week. While here, discover all that Hot Springs Village has to offer by stopping by the Visitor Center (near HWY 7) to arrange a private tour with a Real Estate Agent.

Guests are welcome any time. You don’t have to be a member to play. But if you’d like to save a little money, plan to visit during your state week. Check out the calendar and rate chart below.

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Email to book your play, then just show your state drivers license at check in.

2015 State Week Dates:

Nov 9-15: Minnesota
Nov 16-22: Texas
Nov 23-29: North Carolina
Nov 30-Dec 6: Florida
Dec 7-13: Pennsylvania
Dec 14-20: New Hampshire
Dec 21-27: Arizona
Dec 28-Jan 3: Puerto Rico

2016 State Week Dates:

Jan 4-10: Montana
Jan 11-17: Wyoming
Jan 18-24: Idaho
Jan 25-31: Maine
Feb 1-7: Oregon
Feb 8-14: North Dakota
Feb 15-21: South Dakota
Feb 22-28: Delaware
Feb. 29 – Mar 6: Connecticut
Mar 7-13: New Jersey
Mar 14-20: Massachusetts
Mar 21-27: Iowa
Mar 28 – Apr 3: Rhode Island
Apr 4-10: Ohio
Apr 11-17: Nebraska
Apr 18-24: Maryland
Apr 25-May 1: Mississippi

May 2-8: New Mexico
May 9-15: Louisiana
May 16-22: Illinois
May 23-29 Alaska
May 30 – Jun 5: South Carolina
Jun 6-12: Georgia
Jun 13-19: Nevada
Jun 20-26: Virginia
Jun 27 – Jul 3: West Virginia
Jul 4-10: Kentucky
Jul 11-17: Alabama
Jul 18-24: Texas
Jul 25-31: Tennessee
Aug 1-7: Indiana
Aug 8-14: Missouri
Aug 15-21: Oklahoma
Aug 22-28: Arkansas

Aug 29-Sept 4: Kansas
Sep 5-11: Colorado
Sep 12-18: Wisconsin
Sep 19-25: Utah
Sep 26-Oct 2: Arizona
Oct 3-9: Washington
Oct 10-16: Hawaii
Oct 17-23: California
Oct 24-30: New York
Oct 31 – Nov 6: Michigan
Nov 7-13: Minnesota
Nov 14-20: Texas
Nov 21-27: North Carolina
Nov 28-Dec 4: Florida
Dec 5-11: Pennsylvania
Dec 12-18: New Hampshire
Dec 19-25: Washington
Dec 26-Jan 1: Vermont


2015 State Week Rates:

  • Fitness Center Daily Rate: $6.00
  • Tennis Center Daily Rate (two hours / person): $5.50
  • Lake Boat Pass Daily Rate: $3.50

2016 State Week Rates:

  • Fitness Center Daily Rate: $6.50
  • Tennis Center Daily Rate (two hours / person): $6.05
  • Lake Boat Pass Daily Rate: $3.50

Golf Prime Rates:

Granada: $49
Isabella: $49
Cortez: $48
Ponce de Leon: $47
Magellan: $47
DeSoto: $47
Coronado: $39.50

Golf Afternoon Rates:

Granada: $45
Isabella: $45
Cortez: $41
Ponce de Leon: $39
Magellan: $39
Balboa: $39
DeSoto: $39
Coronado: $34.50

Golf Twilight & Replay Rates:

Granada: $20
Isabella: $20
Cortez: $20
Ponce: $20
Magellan: $20
Balboa: $20
DeSoto: $20
Coronado: $20

Rules of the State Week Program:

Visitors play at reduced rates during their State Week with a valid state drivers license or state ID. If you are playing with a HSV property owner, you may schedule tee times in advance. If not playing with a property owner, tee times are available for booking within a 5-day window. NOTE: Group packages are not available via the State Week program. The State Week promotion is only available for individuals and tee times may only be booked 1-5 days in advance.

Book Hot Springs Village accommodations and golf packages, click here or call 800-548-4920.


Ouachita Sports Trail –

Missed your state week? Don’t worry, you can still save money on tee times! Choose from some of the best courses in the state at the Ouachita Sports Trail (PlayOST): Two in Hot Springs, one at Glenwood and another eight in Hot Springs Village. Check out the courses and sign up for future golf specials at . (Please note that the HSV State Weeks special rate is not available through PlayOST).


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