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Gate Access

Hot Springs Village has two manned access gates. The remaining five gates are accessed through electronic card readers or proximity card readers. The West Gate is located on Highway 7 North and is manned 24-hours per day by Public Relations Officers. The East Gate is located on Highway 5 and is manned from 6:00 a.m. until 12:00 a.m. After 12:00 a.m., the gate can be accessed with a proximity gate card purchased from the Property Owners’ Association. The same proximity card allows access through the Balboa, Balearic/Danville, Cortez and Glazier Peau gates.

Property owners who live near the DeSoto/Goosepond gate must purchase a special electronic key card from the Department of Public Safety to use this construction entrance gate.

Members may now authorize visitors to enter the East or West manned gates by entering information directly into system. There is no longer any need to call gates prior to guests’ arrival.

Members may add guests to visitor log anytime up to ten days prior to arrival. As both gates share information, only one entry is required.

To report visitors, please sign on to the Member Login and complete the gate access form. A member portal users guide and first time login instructions are located at the top of the HSVPOA home page.

Highway 7 West Gate

Highway 5 East Gate

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