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Ambulance Service

Hot Springs Village has three Advanced Life Support Ambulances available 24-hours a day, provided through a contract with Lifenet.

Ambulance Q & A’s

What is the charge that will be on my POA utility bill?

All property owners will have a monthly charge added to their utility bill to support the cost of ambulance service in Hot Springs Village.

Who will provide ambulance service?

The POA has contracted with LifeNet (the current provider) to have three Advanced Life Support Ambulances in Hot Springs Village.

Who will handle questions relative to ambulance service charges?

The POA will not administer any ambulance billing/claims/collections. This is done through LifeNet. Their phone number is 501.624.4206 or 1.800.832.6395.

If I live in Hot Springs Village only part of the time do I have to pay when I’m not here and my utilities are shut off?


Will I be covered when I’m in the Village even though I’m not here full time?


Will I be covered outside the proximity of the Village gates, (i.e. Cranford’s, Wal-Mart, etc.)

Yes, if your home address is in the Village or if you are a property owner.

Will the water bills show a separate line item for the ambulance charge?


The water bills are currently taxed; will the ambulance charge be taxed also?

No. The only portion of the POA utility bill that is subject to a sales tax is water. The other portions of the bill (wastewater, solid waste collection and the new ambulance fee) represent services and are not subject to sales tax.

Is the ambulance service considered the same type of service as the police and fire protection covered by POA monthly fees? If so, why is this fee not being paid via the monthly POA fees?

Police and fire protection are services provided directly by the POA in which all costs associated with such service are the responsibility of the POA. Ambulance service is provided through a contractual agreement with a private entity, LifeNet. The financial support provided by the POA is for the subsidy required for the provision of three advanced life support units in Hot Springs Village and not the total cost of this service. Ambulance service charges paid by the users through insurance or out-of-pocket paid directly to the ambulance service provider supports over half of the ambulance service costs in Hot Springs Village.

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