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Common Property & Forest Committee

The Common Property & Forest Committee advises the POA on matters pertaining to Hot Springs Village as it relates to common property, forestry, and wildlife issues. It is charged in its deliberations to protect the general character, appearance and use of common property; and to protect and enhance the property values and environment of Hot Springs Village.

The committee consists of seven members appointed to three-year staggered terms. The committee members are:  Bruce Caverly, Joseph Burleigh, Dan Webb, David Martin, Bruce Douglas, Anne Shears, and Roger Achor.

Click here to email the Common Property & Forest Committee chair.

The Staff Liaison is Beverly Ellison and the Board Liaison is Tom Weiss.

Common Property & Forest Committee meets the first Monday of each month at 1:30 p.m. at the Coronado Community Center.

This committee was formerly the Natural Resources Committee.

Meeting Agenda (PDF)
CP&F Monthly Committee Minutes (PDF)
CP&F Charter (PDF)

2015/2016 – Accomplishment Report (PDF)
2014/2015 – Accomplishment Report (PDF)
2012/2013 – Accomplishment Report (PDF)
2010/2011 – Accomplishment Report (PDF)
CP&F Member Guidelines (PDF)

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