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Before Play

Each golfer must register individually in the golf shop 30 minutes before play, show proper I.D. and pay appropriate fees before starting play. Players must retain receipt for duration of play and show to course officials upon request.

Each golfer must have a set of clubs and a bag.
Each player is required to present an I.D. from one of the following categories:

  • Category A: POA issued Photo I.D. card
    • (1) Current Photo I.D. Membership Card or,
    • (2) Current Family Photo I.D. Card
  • Category B: POA Issued Card
    • (1) Current POA Membership Card** or,
    • (2) POA Issued Visitor Card

** A photo-bearing I.D. such as a driver’s license must also be presented.

Dress Code

Golfers and non-players accompanying golfers must be attired in proper golf clothing while on any POA village course.

  • Collared shirts, bermuda shorts and slacks are preferred.
  • Cut-offs, athletic shorts, short shorts, or swim wear are not permitted.
  • Men must wear shirts with sleeves at all times. Ladies must wear shirts or blouses that cover midriffs.
  • Tank tops, tee shirts with printing on them, and undershirts are not permitted.
  • Footwear must be an acceptable golf or sneaker-style shoe. Work boots or cowboy boots are not acceptable.
  • No metal spikes; no bare feet.

Etiquette & Course Care

Please assist us in caring for our courses by:

  • Raking sand bunkers. (Rakes should be left inside the bunker.)
  • Repairing ball marks on green.
  • Not taking divots with practice swings.
  • Sanding all divots.
  • Playing ready golf. (Hit when ready.)
  • Marking scores on the next tee.
  • Being a courteous smoker by not throwing out cigarette butts.

Pace of Play

Hot Springs Village players are asked to maintain an acceptable pace of play (four hours or less).
Players not maintaining this pace may be required to speed up or move forward and speed up play.

Private Golf Carts

Are private golf carts allowed In Hot Springs Village?

Yes – All private golf carts/neighborhood electric vehicles must, however, follow Village rules and regulations concerning carts and must be registered with the Property Owners’ Association.

POA Golf Course Use

  • Golf carts over 1,749 pounds are restricted to golf paths only. Golf carts over 2,500 pounds are excluded from operating on any Village golf course.
  • Use of a private golf cart on Hot Springs Village courses is only for the property owner/owners of the registered golf cart. Family and Guest fees include the golf cart.
  • Operators of both private and rented power golf carts must observe the posted cart rules of the day.
  • No more than two persons and/or two golf bags are permitted on any golf cart.


Rain Check

The POA provides for the issuance of a rain check to a player when inclement weather that did not exist at the start of play causes discontinuance of play. Rain checks are also provided if the POA management closes the golf course. Rain checks will not be issued for other reasons.

An 18-hole rain check will be issued when play is stopped before five holes are completed. An 9-hole rain check will be issued when play is stopped before nine holes are completed. If a golfer has begun play on the tenth hole, no rain check will be issued.


What is a USGA HANDICAP Index?

A handicap index is the USGA’s service mark used to indicate a measurement of a player’s potential ability on a course of standard playing difficulty. It is expressed as a number taken to one decimal place and is used for conversion to a course handicap. Handicap indexes are revised every two weeks.

Do I need a handicap index?

Maybe. If you plan to play competitive golf, whether in a league, tournament, or competition between friends, you will need a handicap index.

How do I sign up for a handicap index?

A GHIN number will be assigned after the registration and fee are received. Registration forms are available at any golf shop and the POA Administration Building.

How do I post scores ?

Scores can be posted from any POA golf shop or via the Internet at To post a score from a home computer, participants will enter their GHIN number, and the slope and yardage of the course played to post a score. The property owner’s member ID number is used when posting scores from the golf shop. The USGA requires 10 posted scores before a handicap index is calculated.

What if I post a score incorrectly?

Each golf shop has a form available for corrections located next to their GHIN terminal. Can a GHIN number be transferred? Yes. If a current USGA GHIN number has been issued from another club, it can be transferred to Hot Springs Village.

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