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Open House, Estate Sale and Model Home signs

December 20, 2016

The Permitting & Inspections Department reminds all Real Estate companies to renew their annual permits in January for Open House, Estate Sale and/or Model Home signage. The annual fee for this permit is $50.00.

The Architectural Control Committee requires an annual permit, by January 31st, for all Open House, Estate Sale or Model Home Signs.

Signs must be free standing on a stake or frame (no cardboard boxes, buckets and/or sign nailed or stapled to street signs or light poles – these types of signs will be removed). Balloons, streamers and/or other type of decoration may not be used to draw attention to signage.

  1. The business name must be identified on signs, (two (2) inch letter minimum).
  2. Purpose: Signs may be used when showing a particular house or estate that is for sale. Open House signs will not be permitted until after the final inspection of the home, and, the house must be open for viewing.
  3. Size: Four hundred and thirty-two (432) square inches maximum (18” x 24”); signs shall not exceed thirty (30) inches above grade.
  4. Duration: Signs may be displayed for three (3) consecutive days per week maximum.
  5. Number/Location: Five (5) signs are permitted including one (1) on the property of the home being advertised.

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