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Comprehensive Master Plan Available for Public Comment

March 9, 2018

Completed drafts of Hot Springs Village’s Comprehensive Master Plan and Development Code will be available for review and for public comment beginning Friday, March 9. Comments will be catalogued and reviewed by the Ad Hoc CMP Steering Committee, the CMP planning team, and the Hot Springs Village Board of Directors.

The plan will be introduced as new business to the Board of Directors at its regular meeting on Wednesday, March 21, at 9 a.m. at the Ouachita Bldg., Ponce de Leon Center, 1101 DeSoto Blvd. The final plan will be adopted by the Board in April.

The documents may be viewed at Printed copies may be viewed at the POA Admin. Bldg., 895 DeSoto Blvd., and at the Coronado Library, 150 Ponderosa Lane. Please submit comments via email to Hot Springs Village encourages comments and values feedback from the community.

Hot Springs Village’s comprehensive master plan seeks to protect the community’s long-term fiscal sustainability, to establish and preserve its natural character, and to evolve the experiences and housing offered to meet the changing needs of retirement and demographics.

The plan, developed by a project team including Crafton Tull, DPZ, Great Destinations Strategies, Randall Gross Development Economics, East Harding, and RPPY, provides a phased, successional development approach for Hot Springs Village for the next 25 years. Based on information gathered during the charrette and other forms of engagement with property owners and stakeholders, the plan encompasses the wants and needs of current residents while planning for those who are not yet part of the community.

High-quality videos of the CMP presentation held on March 6 have been added to the CMP website, along with the slides from the presentation. These and other resources available on the website may serve as helpful aids when reviewing the plan.

“As Hot Springs Village property owners and stakeholders, our most critical pursuit today is to take personal ownership of our roadmap for success and sustainability by contributing to the Comprehensive Master Plan process,” said John Weidert, Hot Springs Village Board Chairman. “We must all embrace the task at hand; the future of Hot Springs Village depends on it. We hope to hear from all property owners as we take this exciting step forward together.”

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